About Us

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Turning Real Properties Into High-Return Investments

Founded in 2015, and headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, Offer Geek Homes, LLC is a business committed to helping our clients buy homes in one seamless transaction. Our goal is to guide new and seasoned investors in making well-informed real estate decisions to turn real properties into high-return investments.

Our Mission

Here at Offer Geek, our mission is simple. We strive to help our clients become empowered, through financial freedom, to fund and design a lifestyle that is perfectly fitted for them. We’ve learned (and you will too!) that the most important asset is time, and how we spend it can change everything! Through the years, we’ve helped many to achieve their lifestyle goals and look forward to helping you.

A Fast-Growing Company

We currently operate in 12 cities across the U.S. and are constantly expanding to service more clients. Here at Offer Geek, we have a large portfolio of cash flowing real estate and a team of over 25 dedicated specialists, whose customer service is beyond exceptional every time.

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Streamlining The Home Buying Process

Through the utilization of advanced technologies and resources, Offer Geek has developed a process that has proven effective in helping our clients close faster and more profitable home buying transactions. We are constantly finding ways to refine our business model. That’s what makes us an industry leader in turnkey real estate services. 

Guidance From The Specialists

Our team can’t be mentioned enough! Our success, as well as that of our clients, is because we are always happy to provide strategic advice and services on how to best reach your real estate goals. Because of our dedication to the high standards of customer service, we have proudly completed thousands of successful transactions for numerous clients throughout the U.S., while establishing lasting business relationships.

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Ask About Our Work

We would love to have a chat about our services and how they can benefit you! Reach us today for details.