Frequently Asked Questions
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After nearly $400 million in State and Federal spending, Flint has a secure, clean water source. They have removed the lead pipes and have laid modern, safe copper pipes to nearly every home in the city that needed them.

February of 2019 was when Flint could finally celebrate having clean water. And the city expects to have the last of the remaining lead water pipes replaced by September of 2022.

Most of the properties are middle class homes in areas where the incomes average $40,000 per year.

Our average renovation duration is 45 days.

No. We are not currently offering properties in any other States.

Yes. Some of our basic qualifications for financing are:

  • An annual income of $50,000/year for 2 tax years and
  • A credit score of 680 or higher
  • Must be a US Citizen

Yes. We work with banks that are willing to offer loans for under $50,000.

Yes. Renovations are included and begin after closing.

Yes, we place Section 8 tenants.

Yes. We guarantee 1 year of rent from the time of tenant placement.

The tenant is responsible to pay utilities.

Yes. We have fix and flip opportunities available.

Yes. We are open to negotiation.

We make our money from the sale of the property predominantly. We also, on occasion, receive referral commissions from 3rd party vendors.

90% of the homes are owned by Offer Geek. The remainder are home owners who elect to resell using our platform and in some cases, 3rd party vendors.